August 9, 2016

Do We Fit?

Why choose EMI?

Unlike traditional ad agencies, my priority is not about getting you to spend more in media so I can make more in management fees. We are most concerned about your business growth and we are completely obsessed with your return on investment. That’s why you will never see me “cast a wide net” in your marketing efforts, like others might suggest. In fact, you will regularly hear recommendations from me to start smaller or spend less if I believe it’s the wisest approach. We always begin with highly targeted, tightly knit paid search campaigns, optimize tactics and messaging to maximize conversions, and then expand based on performance.

eMarketing Initiative has successfully managed PPC campaigns for both small and large businesses by providing expertise to clients at a fraction of the cost. For businesses that need an expert to manage their paid search but don’t want to pay a fortune for an ad agency or full-time employees, EMI is the ideal partner.

You would like working with me if you…

  • Need to work directly with the person actually doing the optimization. Forget about customer service reps, technical support tickets, and sales pitches that just get in the way.
  • Need that person to not only be the dedicated point-person, but also be doing it on a full-time basis. The last thing you need is to be catering your busy schedule around someone who has another day job and just has you as a side client.
  • Are just looking for PPC, because you know it’ll get you the best bang for your buck. The other channels can come later.
  • Don’t care about all the bells and whistles agencies use to justify higher fees. You just need a top notch expert to get the job done well.
  • Are trying to save money by not paying a bloated traditional agency retainer.
  • Are a traditional Advertising Agency in need of sourcing in PPC for your existing clients.

You would NOT like working with me if you…

  • Need the “big-ness” of a traditional agency – QBR’s, ABR’s, steak dinners… We serve our customers well, but sorry, we’re not big on schmoozing! 😉
  • Need someone on-call 24/7. I strive to provide my clients with the best service possible. But we are a family business, and family is very important to us.
  • Are a brand new start-up with an incredibly tight budget and undefined business goals. We love entrepreneurs, and we always recommend starting small (as stated above), but some level of financial investment and proper goal setting is always needed to get results.